Be heard.

Psychotherapy can help you understand yourself better to relieve feelings of sadness, loneliness or hopelessness. If you are stuck in old patterns of thoughts or behaviour, I can gently help you learn tools to slow your racing thoughts at night, lessen the worry that keeps you isolated, and resolve the impulsiveness underlying behaviour you find both unbearable and irresistible.

Hi, I’m Kate. I provide psychotherapy to people facing issues they are fearful to explore. You might have a difficult relationship that you spend too much time thinking about (mother-daughter conflict; controlling partners; or difficult colleagues). Sometimes navigating life transitions can overwhelm us, whether it’s adjusting to a new diagnosis or settling into a new city. Sometimes we find ourselves replicating patterns of relationships or friendships that are familiar and unsatisfying. That’s when psychotherapy can help.

Finding the right therapist can be overwhelming. Contact me to set up an initial free session to guide you to the right type of therapy.

Kate Lawton is a registered clinical social worker in Toronto providing psychotherapy to individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues, including adults with multiple adverse childhood experiences. Areas of special focus include life transitions (new city, new diagnosis), family dysfunction (e.g. mother-daughter, sibling conflict) and adults with histories of trauma. All are welcome.